PBR & Remember the Punks Music Fest presents The Battle for the Alamo

PBR & Remember the Punks Music Fest presents The Battle for the Alamo

Shaka, American Shit Storm, Dead Words, From Parts Unknown, Revolucion Oi!, The Brokes

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

The Battle for the Alamo
The Battle for the Alamo
Saturday August 6th

Performances by:
Shaka (12:15-12:45)
American Shit Storm (11:30-12:00)
Dead Words (10:45-11:15)
From Parts Unknown (10:00-10:30)
Revolucion Oi (9:15-9:45)
The Broke$ (8:30-9:00)

Doors at 8:00 | $7 All Ages Show

Two winners will be selected from this Round 1 Qualifier to advance to the FINALS in San Antonio on Saturday September 10th. The first winner will be selected by three silent judges on performance, stage presence and crowd response. The second winner will be by ballot as every attendee at the show will receive a ballot to select the best act of the night.

Once all qualifier rounds are completed, the Battle for the Alamo Finals will be held to select THREE Texas local acts to perform at this year's Remember the Punks Music Fest on October 1st in San Antonio, TX alongside:

MXPX (Texas Exclusive)
Vandals (Texas Exclusive)
T.S.O.L. (Texas Exclusive)
The Dickies
Voodoo Glow Skulls
The Toasters
30 Foot Fall
Tsunami Bomb (Texas Exclusive)
Potato Pirates
Tarter Control
The Exploited (Texas Exclusive)
Sick of it All (Texas Exclusive)
The Casualties
Anti-Nowhere League (Texas Exclusive)
Sloppy Seconds (Texas Exclusive)
Lower Class Brats
Naked Aggression
Michale Graves
Total Chaos
American Shit Storm
American Shit Storm
Punk rock from Dallas TX
Dead Words
Dead Words
We may not always like where we are but we are there for a reason.
Break the Cycle, Destroy Apathy, Motivate Change.
"Im never down. Im either up or getting up."

Follow us on Twitter: @deadwordstx
From Parts Unknown
From Parts Unknown
Dallas, Texas’ rock and roll trio, From Parts Unknown, is redefining what it truly means to be a thrilling and dynamic live band by mixing rock, punk, metal, and similar genres together and delivering it in a high energy show. What’s more, the band’s upcoming freshmen release is due to rival their stage performances in every way.

Singer/guitarist Ben McCracken (Chesterfield Kings, The Trusted Few), drummer Kyle Owen (Dying Ground, The Trusted Few), and upright bass player Chris Parrish (Eerie Ln, Sawed Off Sick, Hotrod Hillbillies) formed the group in 2013 and immediately went to work writing new material, perfecting their stage show, booking gigs, and recording their first release.

Come and see this very original, high-powered, and hard-hitting band of suites as soon as you can and every chance you get. Don’t miss out on experiencing this immensely entertaining group!
Revolucion Oi!
Revolucion Oi!
Revolucion Oi! es una banda ke mezcla generos tales como ska,punk y oi! la banda se creo a finales del 2009 al norte de Texas en el metroplex exactamente, Revolucion Oi! es una banda apartidista, 100% anti fascista y no apoyamos ninguna tendencia racista ni autoritarista y mas que una banda somo una familia, la familia R-Oi!

Ni derecha ni de izquierda, venimos de abajo para crear mas igualdad con los de arriba.

Revolucion oi! (Revolution now[oi connotation]) Is a band from north Texas (DFW area), that mixes ska,punk, oi, even surf styles to express it's ideals. It was formed in 2009, anti fascist, anti racist, but very political, not from the left or right, we fight from the bottom to equal those on the top.

Shout with us, music is a universal language, we are family...UNITE Oi!!!!
The Brokes
The Brokes
Suburban ska punk for your ear holes
Venue Information:
Three Links
2704 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226