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Bruce Lamont

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

8:00 pm


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Colorado's COBALT, over the years and since they began working with Profound Lore Records with 2007's landmark "Eater Of Birds" album, have become recognized as one of the most singular and defining extreme American metal bands today. Their 2009 album "Gin" is recognized as a pillar in American extreme metal, a milestone album of literature-influenced progressive apocalyptic wasteland metal that took the American metal scene by storm and landed on pretty much all best-of year end lists the year it came out.

Now almost exactly seven years since the release of "Gin", COBALT (now defined as the duo of multi-instrumentalist/mastermind Erik Wunder and new vocalist Charlie Fell, ex-LORD MANTIS) are poised to releases one of the most anticipated metal releases of 2016, their long-awaited new double album "Slow Forever"

"Slow Forever" sees COBALT, after years dealing with personal turbulence, tragedy, contemplation, and even confusion, return triumphant and focused as ever. With Wunder formulating their sound that naturally takes off where "Gin" left off and new vocalist Fell bringing a new character and sense of savagery and violence that's synonymous with the COBALT sound, "Slow Forever" is another epic offering from the COBALT cannon destined to hammer down and make its notable impact as one of the most defining metal albums to be released in 2016.
Bruce Lamont
Bruce Lamont
"Progressive doom metal with saxophone" may sound like a ridiculous musical recipe, but Chicago's Yakuza has ridden the idea to five acclaimed albums and a place atop the local metal mountain. Not to mention singer/saxophonist Bruce Lamont's numerous side projects, ranging from guest appearances with local punk outfit The Jai-Alai Savant to fronting tribute band Led Zeppelin 2. - / Read full story here:
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