The Friday Night Boys (So What?! Kick Off Show)

Third String Festivals Presents:

The Friday Night Boys (So What?! Kick Off Show)

Between California and Summer, DozerTX, forever starts today, Page 9, Quiet, Please, Where Crowds May Gather, Idler, A Dangerous Affair

Friday, March 24, 2017

5:00 pm


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This event is all ages

The Friday Night Boys
The Friday Night Boys
The Friday Night Boys (FNB) is a pop quartet from Fairfax, Virginia. Made up of Andrew Goldstein, Robby Dallas Reider, Mike Toohey, and Chris Barrett. The band is known for their upbeat sound, catchy music, and creative lyrics. Escalating online popularity brought the boys opportunities to support some of the best, including All Time Low, with the present Glamour Kills Tour. The lead vocalist Andrew Goldstein was involved with the band My Favorite Highway but left the group to pursue working with The Friday Night Boys.
Between California and Summer
Between California and Summer is an alternative rock band from Orange County, California. They have released one EP, and has songs featuring on compilations with Long Drive Records, Pacific Ridge Records and Stand Tall Records (Japan).

Between California and Summer has played shows with The Downtown Fiction, Anarbor, Artist Vs Poet, This Wild Life, Chase Coy and has also performed at The NAMM SHOW in 2015.
forever starts today
forever starts today
A Dangerous Affair
This band was started by Taylor in late 2009 under a pop/punk lineup filled with guys that just wanted to jam. After a few years and tons of member issues the band decided to split up after realizing everyone had different goals and aspirations. In late 2011/ early 2012 Taylor started the band up again with a different group of guys and a slightly heavier genre of post-hardcore. The band did fairly decent with their quick success after going into studio to record their single. So good in fact that there was even a chance to get signed by a small record company. But once again due to member issues, this was an unattainable goal once the band parted ways one another. After about five years of nothing but bad news, Taylor began filling in for bigger bands that needed singers, guitarists, ext. until he met three guys to fill the lineup one final time. This is how ADA was re-born, and although there were quite a few member issues after the fact, they still found a way to make it work.
Venue Information:
Three Links
2704 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226