Gringopalooza w/ Hickoids, Deadbolt, Loco Gringos

Saustex Records presents

Gringopalooza w/ Hickoids, Deadbolt, Loco Gringos

The Me-Thinks, Harvey McLaughlin, Duell

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

This Sunday night of Memorial Day Weekend 2016 features old-school Texas Punk and stars East Dallas' beloved Loco Gringos along with their short-penised amigos from Austin the Hickoids. The two bands shared dozens of bills together during their 1980's heydays, playing from Louisiana to California and many points in between that will be barely or never remembered by the band members themselves.

Loco Gringos were the wildest band to band emerge from the mid-80‘s Deep Ellum scene. More than just a band they became an all-encompassing, self-defining lifestyle that included art, car culture, fashion and rock’n’roll excess. The Gringos disbanded in 1990 following the death of frontman Tom "Pepe Lopez” Foote but reunited in the mid-2000's with founding members Grant Sheffield and Don Foote being joined by former road manager Jay Tynes on bass and Colin Fite on the second guitar. The band's self-titled album was re-released via Saustex Records in 2006 and they've made annual appearances since that time, drawing great crowds eager to hear their classic repertoire. The band landed a synch placement on AMC’s “Halt & Catch Fire” with “The Mud Song” in 2015.

Similarly, the Hickoids disbanded after many years of hard touring in 1991 to be reformed by founder Jeff Smith and longtime guitarist Davy Jones in 2007/8. Since then the band has released two new full length albums and played well over 200 shows in 13 US states and 8 Western European countries, as well as being voted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame in 2014. Jones succumbed to lung cancer in November 2015 and was posthumously voted into the AMHOF in 2016. Smith and the other members are working on new material as well completing a batch of last tracks recorded with Jones for release later this year. Along the way the Hickoids have shared the stage with everyone from the Dicks, Black Flag, The Dwarves and Butthole Surfers to The Flaming Lips, Soul Asylum and Nine Inch Nails to Lucinda Williams, Terry Allen, Roky Erickson and The Flamin’ Groovies -- getting run out of more venues in their bad boy days than most bands ever even play.

Rounding out the bill will be The Barry Kooda Combo, The Me-Thinks and Bastard City. Kooda is a longtime staple of the Dallas scene from his early punk days with The Nervebreakers onto Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! and the more country leanings of The Cartwrights and The Mutineers. The Me-Thinks are the pride of Haltom City and self-proclaimed "Ft. Worth's Shittiest Band" - throwing down hard and fast every time they hit the stage with an ultimate Texas Drunk Rock ethic. Bastard City employ a similar approach, dubbing themselves “Dallas Most Unwanted Band”...
Deadbolt™ is a rock band from San Diego, California, U.S.A.. They describe themselves as "The Scariest Band in the World." The band often features two bass players, who are called "The Wall of Thunder."
The band originally formed in 1988 as a trio, featuring guitarist and vocalist Harley Davidson, bassist and vocalist Robert "RA" MacLean and drummer Les Vegas. Vegas and MacLean eventually left the band. Vegas' departure is chronicled in the song "Po' Boy" on the album Hobo Babylon. The other current member of the band is bassist Gary "3rd Degree" Burns (part of the band's "Wall Of Thunder") and drummers Tank Johnson or Bad Time Charlie. Sometime members of the band include The Phantom (bass) and Scary Potter ( drums)
Deadbolt's music combines surf rock, goth, psychobilly and blues sound with unusual and offbeat lyrics, a style the band dubbed "voodoobilly." Besides the release of several CDs, the band has toured both North America and Europe extensively.
The band is known for its use of power tools during their live sets, and it is customary to be showered with sparks of red-hot metal during their live shows.
Three members of the band were also in a short-lived offshoot group called The Strangers 1800, which performed music from Spaghetti Western films and TV westerns and released one EP, When Men Were Men and the Sheep Were Scared.
Loco Gringos
Loco Gringos
"When the dust settles and the smoke clears, it still seems pretty dusty and smoky.”

The Loco Gringos story began in 1985 when Tom Foote ( a.k.a. Pepe Lopez) decided to start a band with his brother, drummer Don Foote( a.k.a. Pablo Cruz)of Dallas proto- punkers the Devices and longtime friend, bassist Grant Sheffield (a.k.a. Pancho Cuervo). Since none of them wanted to be front man, the duties fell to the tall, ruggedly handsome and naturally charismatic Tom. After all, it was his idea. During a couple of all-night binges Tom and Grant came up with the core of what would be the Loco Gringos ideology and repertoire. They penned two of the band’s best known songs: “Nurture My Pig”, and “Fruit Fly”. They had a lot of ideas those nights, but the main idea remained- “ROCK THE KIDS !”

The band started playing gigs and quickly developed their distinctive style, a wry, sexual, lurching cow-punk with underpinnings of island and latin grooves, along with a growing family of devoted fans. There were beers and smokes to bum, girls to boink and sofas to sleep on. The Locos and their pad, “Gringo Manor”, were hosts to the never-ending party.

Along the way, the Loco Gringos seemed to gather a lot of “stuff”. Most were pieces of the overall “Mexican Desert” theme; cow skulls, cactus, sombreros. Others became Loco Gringo icons; the short bus painted like a Mexican flag, the Day of the Dead-themed and tequila bottle- mohawked Hearse (which received a haircut in a drive-by shooting ), corn dogs(deep-fried both on and off stage), “FUCK YOU, WE’RE FROM TEXAS” T-shirts, the Posada “Don Juan” painting , the burning burro. “Fuck You” shirts and corn dog sales brought in even more money than the paternal issue credit cards courtesy of the seemingly ever-present and endless gaggle of nubile girlies. Schaeffer was the beer of choice, although anything other than Coors or brands containing the words “Light” or “Lite”, would do.

Early in 1988 Pancho left the band, but would return later as second guitarist. In his stead came bassist Mark “Crash” Chambers (a.k.a. Paco T. Blanco) fresh from the Cookin’ Ones, and so began the era of the band’s trademark dreadlocks. The band played a lot and drank even more. Pepe had a propensity to go missing in action, foregoing shows, rehearsals and interviews on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, the band remained an in-demand mainstay of the burgeoning Deep Ellum scene and even attracted the attention of Capitol Records reps at one point in time (although the reps’ expense accounts were probably heavily scrutinized by their higher-ups back in Hollywood). The band was more than capable of churning out an ass-kicking set of rock and roll, but with seeming indifference, rarely did. The usual Gringos show more closely resembled a haphazard ritual piece of performance art staged in the red-light district of a bordertown whose well had been spiked. It was a tragi-comic rock and roll circus that would have left Bukowski and Burroughs grinning and Springsteen and Huey Lewis slack-jawed blushing. The party was at its peak.

On Saturday, June 16th, 1990 the party came to a grinding halt with the untimely passing of front man Tom Foote, which brings us to the record. The Loco Gringos were a live band, a lifestyle, a carnival of the senses that could never be fully appreciated in the context of a studio recording and as such this disc can offer only a sonic glimpse into this fuck-all freak show; however here are the legendary Loco Gringos – a band whose likes we shall never know again.
Barry Kooda con Jeff Smith
The Me-Thinks
The Me-Thinks
Short Description: Fort Worth's Shittiest Band

Long Description: I think "Fort Worth's Shittiest Band" says it all.
Harvey McLaughlin
Harvey McLaughlin
Gospel punk to save souls. Spaghetti surf to feed the hungry. Rock & roll for all.
This is a project started in 2011 as just a collection of demos and recently formed as a live band in 2013. Currently this project resides in Ft Worth, TX.

james - guitar
nick - drums
doty - guitar
forrest - bass
belvedere - vocals, guitar
Venue Information:
Three Links
2704 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226